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American Bowmen Club Members have access to a practice range, broadhead range and two hiking courses encompassing 4 miles, 1,100 vertical feet, and over 40 3D targets spanning  52+ acres. Due to our exclusive lease with the State Land Board, we are allowed to have a maximum of 150 individuals on the property at any given time and limit the number of memberships accordingly to maximize the quality of your experience. You won’t be crowded here!  Available memberships for 2021 are running out fast! Join today to secure your spot at the #1 3D mountain range in Colorado.

How to Join

Read rules and submit the online membership application

Receive membership approval, pending availability

Attend a club activity to be voted in

Sign waiver and pay annual dues


For all American Bowmen Club members, the number #1 rule is to have fun, enjoy being part of the club and access to the outdoor range. To maintain our 45+ year tradition, there are specific rules that members must know and abide by at the McArthur Gulch range. The club maintains a specific County permit as well as specific agreements with the Colorado State Land Board in addition to the American Bowmen Club’s own membership rules. Those rules include but are not limited to: Enter/Exit Flag Procedure, Range Rules, Member Rules and Property Rules. 

Enter/Exit Flag Procedure

Failure to follow rules will result in membership review up to and including loss of membership.

As part of the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) with Park County, CO, that allows the American Bowmen Club (ABC) to operate an archery range at McArthur Gulch. ABC members are required to utilize an archery range entrance/exit flag procedure.

As an additional informational parameter for neighbors and passers-by on County Rd 64, a notification flag will be placed at the range entrance.

  • All ABC members are required to sign-in at the sign-in/out box at the entrance of the range.
  • When a member signs-in to utilize the range per standard process, the member will additionally raise a flag that will be visible to those passing by on County Rd 64. The raised flag will signify that the range is in use. Conversely, when the member exits the range, the member will sign-out and lower the flag. If multiple members are utilizing the range, the last member to sign-out will lower the flag.
  • (It is very important that members sign in/out so that their status is known to other members, especially signing out!)


Range Rules

Failure to follow rules will result in membership review up to and including loss of membership.

Coming and Going:

  • We are Bowhunters and Archers, by nature we are quiet and respectful
  • We will treat our neighbors of the range the same
  • No loud acceleration
  • No loud music
  • Keep speeds within limits and if road (dust) conditions dictate, drive slower so dust is minimized
  • Be respectful of our neighbors. Period! 


  • No Smoking, No fires on property (exception: contained fire for grills, etc. in approved cooking area)
  • No littering
  • No tampering with trees, buildings, structures, facilities, any items on the property without approval of ABC officers/SLB
  • Archery ranges open – Dawn to Dusk
  • No hunting , No crossbows
  • No access permitted to SLB property South of Parking area – SLB property South of Ranch house, Access only permitted via access gate by substation during permitted access dates/purposes
  • No pets, No alcohol, No Marijuana or illegal substances

Archery Range:

  • No broadheads on practice range or 3D targets (members are allowed to bring own targets for use on the practice range only, targets are to be placed to the side of range targets and cannot be placed in front of ABC range targets, ABC reserves the right to supply specific use targets for broadhead use during specific occasions. ABC reserves the right to limit “when” broadheads can be shot.
  • Be respectful of other members, if an archer or group in front is taking more time; politely ask if you can shoot a target ahead.

General Range Safety:

  • Check bow/arrows – all equipment prior to shooting
  • Always draw bow facing the intended target
  • If a bow is placed in front of a target, there is an archer behind the target searching for an arrow, DO NOT SHOOT!
  • Practice Range: All archers on the practice range should acknowledge when all shooting has completed by all saying “Clear” or “Range Clear”

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Member Rules

Failure to follow rules will result in membership review up to and including loss of membership.

  1. Have Fun!
  2. The American Bowmen Club seeks people that want to be members of the American Bowmen Club, not just a member to utilize the range. It takes a considerable amount of time, money, effort, and work to maintain an archery range to ABC standards.
  3. Members will always act in the best interest of the American Bowmen Club in all instances including: on the range, at club functions, online, and when representing ABC.
  4. Members will not spread false rumor, cause problems of any kind within the club, do or ask another member to do something in violation of any County or State condition or lease agreement.
  5. ABC requests members to participate in any number of the following: work parties, club functions, activities, leadership, special assignments, etc. to maintain a good club standing.
  6. Members will abide by all club and range rules
  7. The membership and range rules may be amended at any time. The revised versions will be communicated to active members.
  8. All members must attend an orientation.

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Property Rules

Failure to follow rules will result in membership review up to and including loss of membership.
American Bowmen Club (ABC) Members must adhere to the following as designated by the Colorado State Land Board (Board)

Use of the property:

  • On-site parking for up to 50 vehicles near the house, and up to 30 vehicles near the existing barn)
  • Storage of range equipment in existing garage or out-buildings.
  • Club sponsored events, open houses, public shoots, and picnics, so long as the number of participants does not exceed 150 persons at any given time.
  • Use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) for course set up and property maintenance.
  • Except for limited maintenance vehicle access, motor vehicle access use is restricted to County Road 64, property access drives, and parking areas. No new roads or trails may be created without prior written consent by the Board.
  • Parking is restricted to designated areas only. ABC members shall not block or impede access by other authorized users.
  • Dumping of any waste, littering, or the storage of trash is prohibited.
  • Smoking, fireworks, open fires, and the storage of flammable liquids (except for liquid propane tanks) is prohibited.
  • Use is limited to daylight hours (dawn to dusk), defined as one-half hour before sunrise and onehalf hour after sunset.
  • Except for the fenced in area that includes the existing residence and garage, ABC members do not have authorization to access or use the Board’s property south of County Road 64.


  • American Bowmen Club (ABC) Members must not place any improvement on the property and must not substantially alter the property in any way, without prior written authorization by the Colorado State Land Board (Board)

Compliance with the Laws:

  • With respect to the property, ABC members must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and regulations, including but not limited to criminal, land use, fencing, noxious weed, environmental, wetlands, hazardous waste, and health and safety laws, ordinances and regulations.

Protection, Stewardship and Cooperation:

  • ABC members must not cut, remove, or use, or allow to be cut, removed or used, any live timber or trees, or remove, use allow to be removed or used any minerals, ores, metals, coal, asphaltum, oil, gas, sand, gravel, clay, quarry products, peat, geothermal resources or other naturally occurring resources unless approved in advance in writing by the Board or except as caused by persons granted other uses of the Property by the Board.

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